Real Beauty – Bliss!

Amazing is the smile of truth

When she observes her face in a good mirror.

Excellence is in the great ideal

Contained in the spread;

Truth, the best understanding of the common mind.

– Rabindranath Tagore

The whole concept of true superiority can be difficult in character, though not a remarkable word. Everyone has their own emotions about what creates the real miracle. One way to consider it is to consider what makes you smile in such a wonderful way that it attracts each person necessarily in your manner. Optimal excellence is something that is generally respected or included in excellence in a particular culture for perfection.

Exactly like Audrey Hepburn’s famous statement:

For attractive lips, an expression of softness.

For the perfect eye, look for the positive qualities of each individual.

For leaner figures, share your food with the hungry.

To make the hair cute, let a kid run their fingers through it for something other than a day.

To be balanced, walk with information that you never walk alone.

There really is not a single person who does not want to look cute. Throughout the indefinite period of time, the gradual disappearance of age and what remains is an indicator of maturity. To combat these signs, individuals use various strategies such as the enemy of mature creams, Botox, among others. They try to maintain their prominence (which they accept is physical) not as famous as possible. This is how they foolishly accept that they are great. They buy to be great and are at the crossroads of interest.

Reasonable composition Highlighting is not the only rule for beauty. These are external factors. External superiority resembles a water bubble, only temporary. In addition to the face shot behind the cosmetic layer, there is a heart. Prominence contains comfort and is associated with your thoughts. That is true happiness. You need to make yourself attractive in order to experience greatness.

“The greatest things on the planet we can not see or communicate, they should feel with the heart,” said Helen Keller. Every character there is on earth is lovely. Moral traits, ethical guidelines, standards are added to the benefits of greatness. Excellent mind and knowledge are extraordinary qualities. In addition, when someone is great inside and out, it is “something that already appears to be good.” Greatness and youth are seen as interchangeable. The balance of body and soul is more important than the use of anti-wrinkle creams.

Let me run the idea through my brain and see where it leads me. We should think about the people, the place, the objects, the amazing situations at the display, the strange calculations, or how we drill into materialistic living, such as the impressive design of my hut with a view. Go to a quiet pool. I have food, saliva, sitting at the table next to me, emitting the highest odor that is bothering my brain and stimulating my taste buds.

I can go on to show more paintings, however, it is a common tedious thing to lose consciousness, which is why I would call it “Yakis”.

Having seen life in the best condition with the best wealth (mother // father / siblings / partner / trainer / cash … and what not) with the best daily environment and then Losing and breaking away from these things in a short time to get it is something other than organization and living conditions, I understand that beauty is a very related word, illusory and I dare to say it.

So what’s great about me?

I think and accept that the real prominence is to understand that I am ready to accept, think, reason, break, study, forget to accept and still reconsider my framework of belief, or call it correction Adjust.

The real superiority in this manner is that I am a gifted person of nature, and I am ready to understand that there is a God in many structures and capacities, a large number of his signs are called terrible, and I Also interchangeable. By seeing it to understand what nature is guiding me.

Moreover, the great thing that relies on the above ideas for me is information. The small digestion of small data when put in the proper way is invaluable information.

Only information is truly superior.


Having said this, I need to say that it was an opportunity for me to put a vague newsletter on a Yinprit label paper and some good events on the head of an animal that he had not learned. What makes him educated is the proper use of that information on the right occasions.

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