Beauty – Need to Re-Discover It?

The spirit of our opportunity now seems to disregard greatness.

Sourich Charles is having a conversation with the British Institute of Architects at their 150th anniversary commemoration of a proposal to expand the National Gallery.

What is proposed is similar to a huge skeleton on the content of the most lovable and wonderful partner. (Prince of Wales)

He thought a lot about being designed as ugly and scary.

Is this really so? Likewise, do we need to rediscover the greatness around us?

Features of excellence

When we see something at its best, its perfection is emotional. However, the concepts of grandeur and aggression are vague and difficult to convey and characterize. Perhaps this is the result of individual contrasts in our enjoyment of it. External appeal depends on individual preferences. What a person finds great and only feels sad. One, seductive, the other disgusting.

Excellence is supposed to have something to do with liking equality, balance, beat. It captures our thinking, fills and enhances the brain.

It’s all but the text of a handicraft show that shows something amazing or confusing. Instead, it is the way in which the item is controlled that makes it avoidable.

The scholar El Woo Suebel suggests that what makes us happy is that human faces are not perfect. It is the normal outside world that mixing our warm gestures is not uncommon.

A woman’s greatness is not in the form of a face, but a woman’s goodness is reflected in her spirit. It is the memory she gives with the joy, the joy she shows. Women’s greatness grows with cost. Years. “(Audrey Hepburn)

Perfection is possible, even in adversity.

Indeed, even in the most difficult times I have seen as a specialist, I have found a great feeling … that our grain is chosen to torture someone who needs a change by It will take care of the business. Is strongly encouraged. (Doctor – Artist Rafael Po)

Creative Crafts

Logger Roger Scruton said that somewhere in the 1750s and 1930s, great points of art or music were great. Individuals regard excellence as important as truth and goodness. Then, at some point in the 20th century, it ceased to be important. Then, at that point, many experts plan to upset, divert, and break the moral restrictions. The fastest way is Marcel de Chham, for example, his urine formation. It is not excellence, but rather the creativity and inconsistencies and ideas of other scholars that they have created. This is a win-win situation, regardless of the moral cost.

The art world today accepts that individuals seeking excellence in rare handicrafts are excluded from current reality. Because the world is upset, work should be upset too. However, I recommend that what is surprising in the first round is uneven and empty when refurbished.

“On the off chance that the world is disgusting, what is the goal of making it remarkable with spin music? … I tried to make it sound as enjoyable as possible in In any case, why … So when you turn off the opportunity, you need to hear how the world is changing … you just turn on the TV and pay attention to this information. But I believe there are people. Many go to performances since they need to listen to lovely music. Soundtrack with songs that you can murmur or sing to heartfelt music. The music that needs to make you smile or cry or dance. 12 years show musician / pianist)

On the off chance that there are still some experts doing great work, I am similar to the information promoted in the document, they do not get the article title.

Deep warning

Despite our ingenuity, modern craftsmanship, and building environment, how can we classify one more pride – including narrow-mindedness and apathy – now come into the language and habits expressed in communication? Our comprehensive? Like something amazing, not at any point in our lives.


So when we blow in the soup of pessimism, do we give ourselves a chance to get great?

“What is this life if loaded with care?

We do not have a good opportunity to stand and look …

There is no good opportunity to look at beauty

In addition, watch her legs how they can move.

There is no good chance to stand up to her mouth

Makes her eyes smile.

This endless life, if carefully imitated

We have no good opportunity to stand and watch. (William Henry Davies)

Side effects o

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