The Most Beautiful Woman in the World Award

My love for women is so innocent that I am allowed to judge myself. I will gladly prepare my measures, which is my criterion, because it is nothing more than a model appointed as a person in authority. However, I think I will let my results represent myself.

The happiest woman on the planet for excellence is to Jennifer Connelly. I can not remove the hair from my head from the diamond blood film. Apparently, she was in a group of seedlings in West Africa after a story about a diamond quarrel and did not have the opportunity to arrange a meeting with a hairstyle. But when someone can be perfect in those conditions, that is what drives me to be wild. Ignoring the way I was deep with her from the first time I saw her in the Labyrinth, I followed her career through one of my favorite films, including The House of Sand and the Mist. It was dark and he did not get into that. You. Jennifer Connelly brings with her the happiest woman on the planet for the ultimate.

The greatest woman on the planet to be a stunning hairdresser starts with Jenna Fisher. I started looking at the office when it came out in 2005 and I saw a lovely assistant behind the workplace. I respected the way she played with Jim and managed Michael. I was really drawn for Jim and now he is finally with her, with a kid and all the way. Sure it could be then, at that point I saw her on the front of the figure in November 2009. It was definitely one of those amazing minutes. Who on earth is who? The hottest little hairdresser for the beauty of the front of the Shape and I have no clue that the lovely assistant from the office is very pretty. Jenna Fischer takes a shameful time as the best woman on the planet for an unforeseen haircut.

The happiest woman on the planet for the highest attraction went to Jennifer Aniston. Exploding on stage in the Friends show, she captivated everyone with her young lady perfection and perfection. Rachel’s hairstyle turned out to be in the public eye. A large number of young women regularly look to see what she is wearing. Despite the fact that she can not miss regardless of what she wears, she has the most popular clothes, absolutely remember the green dress for Toff, no one prepares the yellow dress in TOW All The Kissing and Dark robe in Thomas Monica. Rachel Green was present at the event, and Jane Effeni Aniston starred in top selections such as the Visan Poly space agency and the split. Jennifer Aniston clears the decision in favor of the best woman on the planet for complete enjoyment.

The happiest woman on the planet for speechless perfection went to Angela Kinsey. Another surprise came from offices like Angela Martin. She acts as a nonsense bookkeeper who can not stand to watch excessive behavior or do trivial exercises. In any case, she works to engage the outside world with both Dwight and Andy at the same time, which shows us that she is also human and not feminine. Of course, at the time, I saw Angela Kinsey in a floral swimsuit with shorts, high heels, and straight hair. That’s the point where I came to understand how amazing she really is. It was the first time that there was so much charm besides looking at the office, including a red swimsuit and shorts on the beach with her girl in a blue dress at the start of “Meskada” after the party. And a large number. The path of honor offers me who dies every time I see her. The Kinsey heavenly messenger influences the opposition to the happiest women on the planet for speechless perfection.

The cutest lady on the planet for sending amazing amazing messages to Emily Bruce. Apparently, I first saw her as Calleigh Duquesne at CSI: Miami, a good analyst who enjoys everyone except the cruelty on the occasion that circumstances call for. The main scene I watched was where another officer was known for his authority, and his first duty was to observe everything Galileo was doing. She revealed a few things to feed him to an acceptable level and then she invited him to the Miami Dade Police Department. Her eyes remained everlasting, and she smiled, which made me last a long time. Emily Prosper wins Best Woman on Earth for Amazing Amazing Messaging.


The greatest woman on the planet for the glamorous glow went to Sasha Alexander. She featured the scene in her first notable presentation, as Gretrin, a sister with more seasons in the chaotic, emotional, and hopeful universe of Dawson. She and Dasson share

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